Mystic Jamaal:
Lilys Bequest  --Due in April
Mystic Legacy

Mystic Legacy
Beautiful black colt, extremely typey head, long legs, smooth body. This photo taken at two days old, first time out in the world.  (Not clipped, still has his baby fuzz!)  More pictures as it warms up.

This young man carries several crosses to Bask, Khemosabi and, of course, Ali Jamaal.  He has more Polish with links to Aladdinn and Bajram and with his Egyptian blood already has a lot of presence.

NV Beau Bey:
Elle Hallany  --Due in June
Mistie DA (Tamaal FA x Amira Kamilah (Padrons Psyche))
Black mare --Due in June

DA Valentino:
Psyclone Bay (Magnum Psyche x Calamity Fame)

NYN Hisani:
Rainbeau Bey  --Due July

2008 Foals
The following are all "pasture photos" of our Mystic Jamaal foals. 
The babies were not clipped, combed or otherwise shined up. 
They are all just playing and enjoying being out and exploring (please excuse their dust!).

Knight of Jamaal
Homozygous Black Colt
Mystic Jamaal x Elle Hallany

Beauty, athleticism and presence are dominant in his pedigree and he shows it.  Huge dark eyes, tippy ears, typey head and beautiful face with a smooth body, good topline and level croup.

This eye catching black colt comes
by it all naturally.

In addition to Ali Jamaal and Bey Shah through his sire, Knight has Bask, Witez II, Eleuzis, Niga and Hallany Mistanny through his dam. 

SOLD Congratulations to Polly Martinez,
Manti, Utah

Panaches Jewel
Homozygous Black Filly
Mystic Jamaal x Bey Panache (NV Beau Bey x Bey Shah Belle)


This little girl is beautiful and knows it! 

By a double Ali Jamaal son and out of a double Bey Shah mare.  She is just enchanting and has a gorgeous typey little head with a long shapely neck.  This one's a keeper as we lost her dam to cancer when this filly was three months old.

Mystic Jamalaa
Black Filly
Mystic Jamaal x Bint Samalaa

 Jamalaa is our first purebred Mystic filly and has extreme type and that presence associated with the Straight Egyptian. 

She is well balanced, athletic and has a beautiful dished head with large dark eyes. 

This one is also a keeper as her dam is one of our best Straight Egyptian mares. 

Jamalaa is pictured with a friend who is being converted to Arabians.

 Mystic Minstril
Bay Colt
Mystic Jamaal x Minstrils Delight (The Minstril x AJ Ahlams Delight)

Another Mystic foal out of a Straight Egyptian mare....this one a Minstril daughter. 

This boy has three crosses to Ruminaja Ali through two of Ali's most famous sons.  He has a very short, dished head, beautiful well set neck and a lot of substance.  He is short coupled and well balanced.

Bay Filly
Mystic Jamaal x Calamity Fame (Fame VF x HH Cabaret)


A lovely bay filly who shows her heritage.

A Fame VF granddaughter with a double Ali Jamaal sire, she has all the beauty and grace inherent in these bloodlines. 

Zeva has excellent legs, smooth topline, length of hip and a beautiful neck and head.  Zeva is a half sister to both Mystic Diva and Diva's dam, Ariele Bey.

Mystic Diva
Bay Filly
Mystic Jamaal x Ariele Bey (NV Beau Bey x Calamity Fame)  

Beautiful bay filly out of one of our Beau Bey daughters. 

Diva has a lovely dished head, beautiful face, well-set neck and a smooth body with an excellent topline.  This filly is a half sister and "niece" to Zeva, sharing both Mystic and Fame VF.

   Mystic Sand
Homozygous Black Colt
Mystic Jamaal x Rainbeau Bey (NV Beau Bey x CH Mareekha)

CHROME!!! And lots of it! 

This flashy black colt has a short back, excellent croup and a gorgeous neck and head with huge black eyes.  Sand is out of another of our favorite Beau Bey daughters who boasts a Straight Egyptian dam....he has it all.

Mystic Bella
Black Filly
Mystic Jamaal x Moniet Belle (NV Beau Bey x Permoniet RSI)


This lovely black filly has tight tippy ears (directly from her "old lines to desert bred" Straight Egyptian maternal grandmother, Permoniet RSI), large expressive eyes and such a pretty face.  She has a good body, topline and excellent croup.  


Storm has a long elegant neck, beautiful face and head and small ears.  He is very athletic with substance as well as refinement.  His dam is a preservation bred Witez II mare and he shows a lot of the Polish in his background.
Mystics Storm
Homozygous Black Colt
Mystic Jamaal x Klinda Witez BA

Mystic Gypsy
Homozygous Black and White Filly

Mystic's first Half Arabian---
and what a beauty!

Long legs, well set up and a beautiful moving filly.  Very showy and loves to trot!   

2007 Foals

MYSTIC QUEST (Mystic Jamaal x Lilys Bequest)
IT'S A BOY!!!  Beautiful bay colt born to Lilys Bequest on April 2. 
Absolutely gorgeous face and typey head, smooth body and correct legs. 
Mystic is doing what we expected him to do.  His foals have type, beauty, substance, and conformation

SOLD! Congratulations to Robert and Sandy Madgar of Carolina Arabian Farms,
LLC of Inman, SC on the purchase of this outstanding young colt.

PHANTOM PSKY (Psky FA x Klinda Witez) Klinda Witez BA
An awesome bay colt by Psky FA  (Padrons Psyche x Jamaara FA) on May 7! 
This is Klinda's first colt and is everything we expected him to be! 
Extreme type and super athletic!

SOLD! More congratulations to Candice Waterman on the acquisition of this colt
and a Hy Klass daughter, Haute Miss Mollee (in foal to Psamuri for 2008). 
Both are going to their new home in Powell Butte, OR.

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