Sherif EL Moniet
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Sherif EL Moniet
(Saud El Ameer x Golmoniet RSI)

Big, Bold and Solid Black! Sweepstakes Nominated Sire! SCID Clear

Sherif is Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Heirloom, Sheykh Obeyd and homozygous black truly a rare combination. He is 15 hands (barefoot), well balanced with a beautiful shoulder and a natural athleticism that is breathtaking to observe. Sherif has large dark eyes that reveal his kind nature, loving spirit and wonderful disposition --- has that old Bedouin sleep in your tent temperament (inherited from his dam) and is extremely gentle. Sherif has the look and the personality of the ancient desert bred Arabians.

Sherif is regally bred with foundation bloodlines liberally spread throughout his pedigree. He brings impressive heritage, disposition, conformation, presence and the elusive black gene, which is eagerly sought and hard to acquire, to any breeding program.  

Sherif provides an exceptional outcross opportunity for non Egyptian mares, providing the attraction of the black Arabian with the beauty and elegance of the Egyptians (and as an added plus the heritage of the ancient Bedouin desert bred horse).



Saud El Ameer
(hem x Gita RSI) 

Sherif's sire, Saud El Ameer, is presently in the top five on the Leading Black Sires List and was Straight Egyptian, Blue List, Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd and

His foals have been exported and have won titles in halter and performance, both here and abroad. Saud's lineage contains the valued Pritzlaff breeding through his dam and traces to the well known Faarad, Bint El Bataa, Shahloul and Nazeer through his sire.

Golmoniet RSI
(Almoniet RSI x Golondrina RSI) 

Sherif's dam, Golmoniet RSI was acquired directly from Richard Pritzlaff at Rancho San Ignacio and carries some of his most valued breeding.

Golmoniet boasts several crosses to the immortal Moniet El Nefous and Rashad Ibn Nazeer, as well as El Sereei, Nefisa and Bint El Bataa. Champions and producers of Champions abound in her pedigree. She personifies the Pritzlaff breeding program with her beauty, athleticism and quiet and gentle disposition.


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